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these are my initials

these are my initials

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Nominees in Outstanding Actor, TV Film category, Monte Carlo TV Awards 2014


Benedict Cumberbatch is nominated for a 2014 Golden Nymph Award for Sherlock.  The other nominees in the TV Film Outstanding Actor category are:

Klaus Maria Brandauer (Blank)

Robin Renucci (The Silence of the Church)

Robinson Stevenin (The Silence of the Church)

Richard Harrington (Hinterland)

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock)

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BBC Sherlock AU - The Other One
Sherlock has a twin brother who turns out to be a criminal mastermind.
One solves crimes, the other one creates chaos. Ghastly, isn't it?
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Gary Oldman provides us with further proof that Benedict Cumberbatch is basically an angel. (x)

Oh Benedict, making me love you more, which I didn’t think was possible.

I LOVE them both so much! I’m crying now.

Heard this story second hand. Nice to hear it from Gary.

baby boy ben wah such a cutie i wanna hug him ~A~

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monster johnlock au

we will keep quiet; you won’t even know we’re here.
we’re going to make you suffer; you won’t see us closing in.
you’ll never know what hit you.
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30 Days of Sherlock

Day 20 — Favourite canon reference/in joke
John Watson - Not very good at deductions

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Family is all we have in the end.

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5.06 vampires of venice → “one city to save an entire species. was that too much to ask?”

5.06 vampires of venice → “one city to save an entire species. was that too much to ask?”

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MORE photos of Benedict Cumberbatch in Finland from High Life mag! Thank you @jmecreates! "The photoshoot that keeps on giving!"

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